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About Eshana

This famous Patna escort will immediately captivate you with her magical charm and lovely nature. Her fantastic charisma will captivate you so much that you will forget everything around you. One look into her shining eyes and you will feel butterflies in your stomach. Breathe in her scent, which will enchant you, and feel her well-groomed, velvety-soft skin.

Eshana knows what a gentleman wants and will give you a fantastic time. With a lot of desire and passion, she gives you the most beautiful moments in which she can let go and enjoy herself. Eshana understands the art of seduction through sensual physical use perfectly.

But their intellect and insight will also receive your positive response. The discerning gentleman will be extremely pleasant and positively impressed with what an entertaining, intelligent, cosmopolitan and interesting partner women seeking men Eshana is.

Nationality Indian
Age 23
Size 6.2
Height 164cm
Weight 57kg
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Long Brown
In calls Yes
Out calls Yes
Mon 10am till 11pm
Tues 10am till 11pm
Wednes 10am till 11pm
Thurs 10am till 11pm
Fri 10am till 11pm
Satur 10am till 11pm
Sun Holiday
1 hour Rs 10000
2 hour Rs 15000
Full Night Rs 25000
Dating Rs 20000
Service Rs 25000

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